Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter Mp3 Download Lyrics

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Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter Mp3 Download Lyrics

Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter Mp3 Download Lyrics


Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter free Music Download and lyrics

Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter Mp3


Enjoy Wiz Khalifa – Slim Peter Mp3 Download available right here on HDstreamhub media for your listening pleasure.

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Wiz Khalifa – Slim P-et-er Lyrics

[V-ers-e 1]Uh, l-eav-e it to m-e
If you want som-e bomb-ass w-e-ed, l-eav-e it to m-e
If you want a fir-e-ass v-ers-e, l-eav-e it to m-e
If you want a bad bitch tak-en, l-eav-e h-er with m-e
Uh, fr-e-ez-e up th-e sl-e-ev-e
You would think it’s Taco Tu-esday, w-e g-et th-e ch-e-es-e
I ain’t too into h-er n-e-eds, but if sh-e want it, I’ma g-et it for h-er
So much bottl-es, th-ey askin’ what I sp-end it for
W-ell, uhm (W-ell, uhm)

If you wanna hav-e a good tim-e, l-eav-e it to m-e
If you wanna rid-e down Suns-et, l-eav-e it to m-e
Tip th-e thr-e-e-wh-e-el-er and w-e smokin’ on good tr-e-e

W-e goin’ th-e fuck off right now, haha
(Statik S-el-ektah)

[V-ers-e 2]Gr-ew up lik-e Boyz N th-e Hood, shit wasn’t all good
And now my mom got a crib, th-e backyard is all woods (Hahaha)
Shoutout to Ch-evy and my broth-ers too

Uh, try to copy my styl-e, but wasn’t r-eady
I’m at th-e crib rackin’ up plaqu-es and buildin’ Ch-evys
A lot of food stack-ed on my plat-e, I’m g-ettin’ h-eavy
I cam-e and took my spot in th-e gam-e, no on-e l-et m-e
Now out-er spac-e is my d-estination
Stuck around niggas who show-ed lov-e inst-ead of hatin’
And g-ettin’ mon-ey’s my occupation, haha
Forg-et th-e tim-e you wast-ed
If you can’t roll up a pap-er, l-eav-e it to m-e
Turn up th-e bass and wak-e up th-e n-eighbors, l-eav-e it to m-e
Makin’ sur-e -ev-eryon-e’s saf-e, l-eav-e it to m-e

6AM, gin shot straight, l-eav-e it to m-e
This -exactly wh-er-e I’m suppos-ed to b-e
Hallow-e-en, nothin’ but r-eal on-es clos-e to m-e
G-et in th-e gym and n-ev-er fold
R-eal p-eac-eful nigga, but hands th-ey don’t wanna throw with m-e
Lotta l-eg-ends b-e-en on th-e road with m-e
R-eally good aim, I don’t us-e no scop-e
On-e shot and that’s all sh-e wrot-e (And that’s all sh-e wrot-e)

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