Official Video: Wallows – OK Download Mp4

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Official Video: Wallows – OK Download Mp4


Official Video: Wallows - OK Download Mp4

About Music Video

  • Artist: Wallows
  • Song: OK
  • Duration: 04:33


On Friday, March 20, Indie rock band Wallows released their long-awaited new song, “Yeah.” This is their new single since their debut album, “Nothing Happens,” and it’s the first glimpse of what will hopefully be Wallows’ more outstanding music by 2020. In times of self-quarantine and sitting at home, now is as good as ever as trying to listen to and maybe discover fresh, quality music.

The title track,”OK, “in a relationship, is a song about insecurities. The song reflects the identity and relationship challenges that many young people end up experiencing in life according to Flood Magazine.

“[It’s about] having trouble embracing something that sounds ‘too good to be true,’ but ultimately learning to embrace it and recognize the love that you get and concentrate on returning it,” Wallows said in an interview with Variance Magazine.




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Official Video: Wallows – OK Download Mp4


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