Tory Lanez – “W”

Tory Lanez – “W” Mp3 Audio Download lyrics

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Tory Lanez – "W" Mp3 Download Lyrics

Artist: Tory Lanez
Song Title: “W”
Album: The New Toronto 3
Release Date: March 23, 2020
Producer(s): Saint Mino & 2one2

Tory Lanez – “W” Mp3 Download Lyrics

Tory Lanez has released a buzzing hit mp3 song titled “W”, produced by Saint Mino & 2one2 from his albumThe New Toronto 3“. the song is right here for you to download and enjoy.

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Tory Lanez – “W” Lyrics

I can’t st-ep back on my block without no W
Lil’ bitch think I’m finna chas-e, y-eah, I’ll find anoth-er you
I’m outch-ea thuggin’, rollin’ stogi-es from this gas station

I’m duckin’ paparazzi flash, lil’ bitch, I’m trap famous
So many p-eopl-e know my pock-ets, it’s lik-e my stash famous
I r-em-emb-er b-ein’ so brok-e, shit, I ain’t wanna hav-e no babi-es

W-e was proj-ect playin’ ’til Clip cam-e with that black M-erc-ed-es
If you was pussy th-en, you pussy now, nigga, you can’t -eras-e it
I n-ev-er saw us b-ecoming famous in my imagination
Sat in too many rooms with los-ers who was procrastinatin’
Scr-eamin’, “Gang, gang, gang,” it s-e-em-ed so fascinatin’

Th-e gang is at th-e wall, O and thr-e-e, th-ey catchin’ cas-es
On th-e block, that’s wh-er-e I b-et th-e Wraith is
Shinin’ on th-es-e whit-e folk that was actin’ racist
Wh-en your influ-enc-e too big th-en th-ey assassinat-e ya

Wh-en you k-e-ep this shit too r-eal th-ey wanna fabricat-e ya
Baby mama on my phon-e, sh-e outch-ea bitchin’ at m-e
Don’t talk to m-e right now, my dawg, I’m trigg-er happy

It’s lik-e my girlfri-end always mad wh-en-ev-er a nigga happy
It’s lik-e my girlfri-end always mad wh-en-ev-er my niggas happy
I don-e ask-ed th-e day w-e m-et at th-e coff-e-e shop

I ain’t conv-ersatin’ if you talk a lot
Niggas only half-winnin’ shit, w-e on-e and two
So I can’t st-ep back on my block without no W


Tory Lanez – “W” Mp3 Download Lyrics

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