Solomon Oracle – Yesu Takamanmu

Solomon Oracle – Yesu Takamanmu Mp3 Download Lyrics

Solomon Oracle – Yesu Takamanmu Mp3 Download Lyrics

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Solomon Oracle is back here with a strong prayer song that can be resolved in times of challenges and temptation. Just like always, this incredible sound, stunning melody and a strong message will bless you. He literally dropped the song Yesu ne Takamarmu for the building up of Christ’s flesh.

We are all surrounded in one way or the other by so many trials and temptations day and night; but our Savior is faithful, who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light, and has made us understand that there is nothing above him. And he is Our Father who can never abandon us, no matter what the circumstances may be, and he will surely not lead us into temptation and deliver us from all evil

Solomon Oracle – Yesu Takamanmu free Music Download and lyrics

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Don’t wait to be- told, download and be- ble-sse-d! Intro ;
Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhh…
Oracle- again!!!
Anothe-r one- Fre-sh from the- holy ghost!!St 1. Uba uba, Uba kayi mana Jinkai.
Uba uba ubanmu, Ubakayi mana Jinkai
In bamuzo wurinkaba, wurinwa zamuje- domin Ne-man mafaka
In bamukira sunan kaba – wane-ne- zayaji ya share- hawaye-.
We- have- be-e-n crying e-ve-ryday and night, who will wipe- away our te-ars!
If not your pre-se-nce- Ahaya, who will take- away the- pain!!

You are- my fathe-r- you are- my prote-ctor
That’s why we-’ve- come- be-fore- you, kayi mana Jinkai uba,
Kashare- hawaye-..
Domin wurinka akwai hutu,
Wurinka akwai Salama,
Wurinka akwai warkas was fathe-r he-al our land…
(Who do we- run to in time- like- this if not your pre-se-nce- Ahaya,your pre-se-nce- is
Our dwe-lling place-, the-re- is the- only place- we- found re-fuge-. We- have- come-
have- me-rcy on us. He-re- we- are- !!!)
In bamu zo wurinkaba wurin was zamuje-….

In bamukira sunan kaba,
Sunanwa zamukira aaaah,
Le-ad: Domin Kaine-
Allp: Takamarmu,Garkuwamu,kaine-farincinmu
Le-ad: farincikinmu
Allp: Takamarmu, Garkuwarmu,Kaine- farincikinmu
Le-ad:Dominate-d Kaine-
Allp: Takamarmu, Garkuwarmu,Kaine- farincikinmu
Le-ad: Domin Kaine-
Allp:Takamarmu, Garkuwarmu, Kaine- farincikinmu
St2 You you our fathe-r can wipe- away our te-ars,
Youy you you you you fathe-r can turn our life-’s arround

We- come- to you
Turn our life- around
We-’ve- come- to you you you you you you
Wipe- away our te-ars
To in bamu so wurinkaba, wazai share- hawaye-mu uba
Inbamu kira sunankaba wazaya jimu yabiya bukatarmu
Domin kaine- Garkuwa,takama,farincikinmu
Domin Kaine- Takamarmu,Garkuwarm,Kaine- farincikinmu
You are- the- me-lody that flow from the- de-e-pe-st part of my he-art,
Have- me-rcy on us Ahaya

Fathe-r he-al our land…
Inbamu zo wurinkaba, wurin wa zamuje-…
Inbamu kira sunan kana, sunan was zamu kira
Le-ad:Domin Kaine-Allp: Takamarmu Takamarmu Kaine- farincikinmu
Le-ad: Domin Kaine-
Allp: Takamarmu, Garkuwarmu, Kaine- farincikinmu
Le-ad: Ye-su Kaine-
Allp :Kaine-
Le-ad: Kaine-

Allp: Kaine- zaka share- hawaye-
Le-ad : ohh Ye-su na
Allp: Kaine-
Le-ad : Kaine-
Allp: Kaine- zaka share- hawaye-
Le-ad : Ye-su Kaine-
Allp: Kaine-
Le-ad : Kaine-
Allp: Kaine- zaka share- hawaye-


Solomon Oracle – Yesu Takamanmu Mp3 Download Lyrics

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