Manifest Evil 2022 Full Movie

Manifest Evil 2022 Full Movie Mp4/HD Download

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Matthew had a dark secret since he was a child: he was possessed by a demon. He’s grown up and joined the US Marine Corps, where he’s learnt to control the demon by self-mutilation. That healing is short-lived, as two occult recruits perform a spell on Matthew, causing his greatest fears to come true. His mother is the mastermind behind everything. Matthew’s family, vocation, and relationship with his mother deteriorate before his eyes, and the devil begins to overtake him.

Matthew, desperate to banish the monster and reclaim the aspects of his life that were slipping away, turns to the occult. His attempt fails, and he descends into full demon possession, but not before going on a murdering spree.

Manifest Evil 2022 Full Movie Mp4/HD Download


Genre: Hollywood Movies
Quality: HD Mp4
Year: 2022
Duration: 60+ Min
Country:United States
Director:Jena Serbu
Cast:Ambre Anderson, Leon M. Brown, Sheila Mears

Manifest Evil 2022 Full Movie Mp4/HD Download




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