Jhene Aiko – Surrender (Lyrics Video) Ft. Dr.Chill

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Jhené Aiko – Surrender (Lyrics) Ft. Dr.Chill


This is how heaven sounds at night
Take a vow to be down for life
Got you right in the candle light
Blow it out how I blow your mind

Going, slowly
Floating towards me
Don’ ever ignore me
You’ll be sorry

Render yourself to me

Render your self to me

Met you at the edge of my mind
Hanging by a threatened lifeline
Just when you had asked for closure
That is when the signs got closer
Exit 405 to Sepulveda
Come to the Westside I will show you love
It is only right if you open up
Tryna take your mind over

I’m a boss bitch, how you don’ fuck with me
You know what it is, you know these bitches just can’ fuck with me
I write all my shit you know I’m all about my publishing
I take my time with it, ain’ no rushing me

Going, slowly
Floating towards me
Don’ ever ignore me
You’ll be sorry

Render yourself to me
Render your self to me

(Dr. Chill)

Surrender to quantum consciousness
Which gave us all, that we be
Can’ you see?
And it is all… all for free
Your soul, your mind, your heart, your body
Your potentiality, your actuality
Your spirituality, your reality
We get it all for free
So why can’ we give it all back, easily?

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