J Cole – Snow On Tha Bluff

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J Cole – Snow On Tha Bluff Mp3

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J Cole- – Snow On Tha Bluff Lyrics

[Ve-rse-]Niggas be- thinkin’ I’m de-e-p, inte-llige-nt, foole-d by my colle-ge- de-gre-e-
My IQ is ave-rage-, the-re-’s a young lady out the-re-, she- way smarte-r than me-
I scrolle-d through he-r time-line- in the-se- wild time-s, and I starte-d to re-ad
She- mad at the-se- cracke-rs, she- mad at the-se- capitalists, mad at the-se- murde-r police-

She- mad at my niggas, she- mad at our ignorance-, she- we-ar he-r he-art on he-r sle-e-ve-
She- mad at the- ce-le-britie-s, lowke-y I be- thinkin’ she- talkin’ ’bout me-
Now I ain’t no dummy to think I’m above- criticism
So whe-n I se-e- some-thing that’s valid, I liste-n
But shit, it’s some-thing about the- que-e-n tone- that’s bothe-rin’ me-
She- strike- me- as some-body ble-sse-d e-nough to grow up in conscious e-nvironme-nt
With pare-nts that know ’bout the- struggle- for libe-ration and in turn the-y provide- he-r with
A pe-rspe-ctive- and aware-ne-ss of the- syste-m and unfairne-ss that afflicts ’e-m
And the- cle-are-st unde-rstandin’ of what we- gotta do to ge-t fre-e-
And the- frustration that fills he-r words se-e-ms to come- from the- fact that most pe-ople- don’t se-e-
Just ’cause- you woke- and I’m not, that shit ain’t no re-ason to talk like- you be-tte-r than me-
How you gon’ le-ad, whe-n you attackin’ the- ve-ry same- niggas that re-ally do ne-e-d the- shit that you sayin’?


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