Global Rhodes Scholarship 2021 Application

Global Rhodes Scholarship 2021 Application

Steps to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship — The 2021 Global Rhodes Scholarship began accepting applications for online scholarships from June 1 , 2020, to July 31 , 2020. The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest (first awarded in 1902) and perhaps the most prestigious foreign scholarship program for studying at the University of Oxford, supporting exceptional young people from around the globe.

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What is the Rhodes Scholarship?

Not only is the Rhodes Scholarship a financial bursary, it is a life-changing platform for talented young people with the ability to make a difference for the good in the world. Rhodes Scholars are people with a view of how the world will be better and the desire to make a difference – no matter what their area of interest is. Rhodes alumni have distinguished themselves in every area – see the stories of scholars and the ways the scholars speak up for the world.

Global Rhodes Scholarship 2021 Application



The Rhodes Scholars fellowship is successful with more than 7,000 strong worldwide and through generations. Therefore, Rhodes Scholars begin a lifetime fellowship with ongoing opportunities to connect with current and senior scholars and, beyond that, a warm and engaging group among Scholars usually establishes lifelong friendships among. The Rhodes Scholarship offers Scholars opportunities before, during and during their time in Oxford.


Benefits of Rhodes Scholarship

First-instance the Rhodes Scholarship is for two years. Oxford University (and College) fees are paid by the Rhodes Scholarship, as well as an annual stipend. For the academic year 2019/20 the scholarship will be £15,900 per year (£1,325 per month) from which scholars will pay all living expenses including accommodation. Please note – this is not enough to protect employees or dependants.

The detailed terms of tenure document describes allowed combinations of degrees and how many years of research the scholarship encompasses, since the latter depends on the choice of course – for example, up to three years of fees and stipends are available for scholars who want to pursue a DPhil (Ph.D.).




Steps to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship

To complete your application for the Rhodes Scholarship Award follow these seven steps:

Check which Rhodes Scholarships to apply for and pass their eligibility criteria
Choose from oxford course
Write your own compelling argument
Provide letters of reference
Prepare all necessary documents
Enable social responsibility
Prepare for the closing interview


List of documents required to apply for Rhodes Scholarship

You must request a completed online application form with copies of the documents and the detailed details below. All documents must be submitted in English, or they must have English translations. When you are invited to speak, please note that you will be asked to bring the originals of all the documents with you:

Passport, National Registration Card (NRC), birth certificate, etc.
Registered transcript and (to date) grades obtained.
Certificate of English proficiency
Letters of reference (at least 5: 3 scholarly referees and 2 common ones)
Statement of Intent (less than 1000 words)
Type to apply for nomination
A Review
Colorful shoot

How to submit an online application for the Rhodes Scholarship?

General information on preparing a Rhodes Scholarship application can be found under the Scholarship tab on the pages below. It is important you read the ‘Which Scholarship’ information? ‘Page ensuring you meet the Global Rhodes Scholarship eligibility requirements. Please also read the extensive Candidates Details at the end of this news article by clicking on the link below.

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