Barbarians (2021) Full Movie

Barbarians (2021) Full Movie Mp4/HD Download

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BARBARIANS is a film about a couple named Adam (Rheon) and Eva (Moreno) who wake up in their ostensibly dream mansion on Adam’s birthday. Lucas (Cullen), a property developer and friend of the couple, joins Adam and his actress girlfriend Chloe (Spiridonov) for dinner to celebrate Adam’s birthday and the pair’s home purchase. But secrets are revealed over dinner, and the evening takes a terrifying turn when the doorbell sounds. An ‘idyllic’ evening of celebration turns into a dark night of fear as manners give way to craziness, and the group’s polite dinner party turns out to be everything but peaceful


Barbarians (2021) Full Movie Mp4/HD Download


Tagline: The Guests Have Arrived
Genre: Hollywood Movies
Quality: HD Mp4
Year: 2021, 2022
Duration: 60+ Min
Country:United Kingdom, United States
Director:Charles Dorfman
Cast:Catalina Sandino Moreno, Iwan Rheon, Tom Cullen

Barbarians (2021) Full Movie Mp4/HD Download



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