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VIDEO: Man Trying to Kick a Dog Before Getting Amazing Dose of Instant Karma

Dogs. They’re simply incredible, aren’t they?

I usually discover myself struggling to justify why I haven’t got my very own Dog

… they’re loyal, they’re loving, they usually make the perfect companions. What’s to not love?

But, regardless of all of their superb qualities, there are nonetheless some a**holes on the market who take pleasure in treating our four-legged buddies like full dust. There’s nothing worse than animal abuse, so it is all the time good when these individuals get a pleasant dose of karma.

And, brilliantly, video footage has gone viral this week after a person was filmed operating at a stray pup with the goal to kick it, falling-over spectacularly, then being chased off by one other pack of stray canines. Karma, bitch.

Preserve scrolling to look at the video, and to see this man get the comeuppance that he deserves.


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