Hunter claims he was sexually assaulted by a Big Foot

The 57-year-old man was strolling to his searching cabin on Sunday to see if it had suffered any injury in the course of the winter.

Hastily, a big “gorilla-like” creature dropped from a tree in the entrance of him and punched him within the face.

“It was at least 8-foot tall and its punches hurt like hell! I was knocked right out at the first blow!”

Whereas Mr. Whitaker was attempting to recuperate from the assault, the big humanoid creature started to tear his garments whereas letting out some terrifying howls.

“When I regained consciousness, he had already torn my pants and was tearing through my underwear. I stabbed him in the shoulder with my hunting knife, and that made him run away.”

Mr. Whitaker instantly reported the assault to each of the Glenwood Springs Police Division (GSPD), and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Company, and a joint investigation has been launched.

Investigators discovered some extraordinarily giant footprints on the positioning, which they consider are these of the aggressor.

Darrel Whitaker is satisfied that the creature who attacked him was a sasquatch. However, the GSPD investigators say it’s extra possible that the attacker is just a very giant and bushy man.

They’re presently interrogating close by residents to see if anybody saw a person equivalent to the outline of the suspect.

According to the victim, the attacker measure around 8-foot tall and is extremely hairy. He has brown hair, dark brown eyes, and extremely large feet.

If you possess any information concerning the suspect, please contact the Glenwood Springs Police Department or the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency



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