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VIDEO: Funny Dog Fakes Leg Injury To Get Attention

An intelligent dog goes viral for a really superb trick.

  • The pooch is usually discovered on the streets battling leg harm that isn’t what it appears.
  • After somebody tries to assist him, the canine miraculously straightens up and walks away with a cheeky grin on his face.

Faking harm is usually no laughing matter. Nevertheless, one intelligent canine has realised that it’s a superb strategy to get consideration from individuals.

The viral video exhibits the canine seemingly struggling to stroll because it drags one in every one of its hind legs behind it. It’s a tragic sight that convinces one man on a motorcycle to cease and attempt to assist the canine. Nevertheless, the pooch instantly straightens up and walks away with a wagging tail, making the person chortle as he realises he has been tricked.

Watch the hilarious video beneath:

Dog Fakes An Injury

This sneaky dog fakes an injury to get attention.

Posted by Not Only Do We on Tuesday, August 27, 2019


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